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如何設定 SG Design 閃爍機殼

How to Set Up Light Up Case

閃爍機殼可於來電、訊息(Whatsapp, Signal, SMS etc.)傳入時作閃爍提示

Light Up Case will flash during incoming calls or messages like Whatsapp, Signal, SMS etc.


設定> 輔助使用>音訊/視覺> “收到提示時閃爍LED" + "靜音時閃爍"   
Setting>Accesibility>Audio/Visual>  LED Flash+Flash on Silent
Light Up Case iPhone Setting 1st step

Step 1

Light Up Case iPhone Setting 2nd step

Step 2


Light Up Case iPhone Setting 3rd step

Step 3


為什麼設定後乃沒有閃爍提示?Why the case is not flashing ? 

1. 手機須於待機時,才會有閃爍提示 (即手機屏幕閉上時)。如果你正使用電話而收到來電或多信息,電話不會有閃爍提示功能。

 Flash only during standby mode (screen is OFF). The case will not flash also when you are using the phone. 

2. 如果你將手機設定為"靜音模式",而" 靜音時閃爍"這個功能沒有開啟,手機將不會有閃爍效提示,建議這個功能必須開啟。<請見Step 3>

If "Silent Mode" is ON, and the "Flash on Silent" is not turned on, the case will not flash also. We suggest you to turn on this function. <Please refer Step 3>